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26M Aluminum Foil Extra Wide - B082XHQDR3S

26M Aluminum Foil Extra Wide - B082XHQDR3S

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  • ALL-AROUND KITCHEN FOIL – So versatile, it adapts to whatever you wrap it around. Use it to cover roasted meats, wrap weekly meals or leftover food quick and easy. Keeps wrapped meals from drying out. Perfectly locks in and infuses the flavour of marinated food. Prevents moisture from escaping away while cooking.

  • WIDE USAGE & APPLICATION – Perfect for roasting dinners, cooking, grilling, BBQ, wrapping sandwiches and quick meals. Other than wrapping food, this aluminium foil can be used to line a roasting or baking tray before cooking so any burnt food will wind up on the foil and not on the surface of the pan. Can also be used for non-food purposes like cleaning the grill, scrubbing the dishes, or for polishing silverwares.

  • EXTRA-WIDE & HYGIENIC – This kitchen foil by Keep It Handy has extra-wide foil not only for preparing all types of meals, serving and storing food but for non-food purposes as well preventing a mess while cooking or to line cabinets and drawers. So easy to clean - just wipe with a dampened cloth to return the foil back to its clean glistening state.

  • BEST KITCHEN TOOL & GIFT FOR HOME COOKS – aluminium foil for cooking, grilling, and wrapping sandwiches is an essential kitchen tool. Makes a great gift for home cooks, bakers, and chef wannabees. Perfect for families who enjoy picnics, swimming, tailgating, and camping.

  • GREAT VALUE – Beautiful kitchen foil for the price. You are getting 2units of 29cm x 13m aluminium foil. Each pack consists of 13metre foil. So our two-pack will give you 26m kitchen foil in total, such great value

  • 26M Aluminum Foil Extra Wide - B082XHQDR3S

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