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Cling Film
2 x Kitchen Catering Cling Film Food Wrap Wrapping 300mm Wide x 100m Long 200m - B07CYYS96JZ

2 x Kitchen Catering Cling Film Food Wrap Wrapping 300mm Wide x 100m Long 200m - B07CYYS96JZ..

£15.36 £42.72

Caterwrap Large Catering Roll Cling Film 300mmx300m 4 Rolls - B018SPINWUH

Caterwrap Large Catering Roll Cling Film 300mmx300m 4 Rolls - B018SPINWUH..

£27.74 £66.38

Wrapmaster Number 4500 Cling Film Rolls Pack of 3 - B00CXLMCSWM

Easily refilled for reduced down time Dispenses neatly and tangle-free every time Ideal for covering and wrapping cold food for protection Suitable for use for a period less than 2 hours at temperatures up to 70°C or a period less than 15 minutes at temperatures up to 100°C Cling film refil..

£28.36 £67.78

XYSQ 1600feet Cling Wrap Lightweight 1-Pack for Wrapping Moving Universal Kitchen Wrap Seal Caps Stretch Packaging Cling Film Color : Long 500m Size : 50cm - B09G38GKGSD

【500m roll】More durable; is ideal for storing high fat foodstuffs. 【In the microwave oven】You can use a toothpick to poke a few holes in the cling film, pay attention to the heat hurt your hands. 【Good viscosity and easy adsorption】Stainless steel, ceramic, glass and other utensils can also be ..

£62.47 £123.19

Thali Outlet 6 x Polywrap Cling Film Kitchen 450mm x 300m Cutting Edge Poly Wrap Catering Size - B08PT64HD2R

Poly-Wrap multi purpose wrap Keep Food fresh and warm for longer Suitable for freezing / fridges / microwaves Buy with confidence (THALI Outlet based in Leeds, Est 2006, Your Top Trade Wholesale Cash And Carry For Cleaning Products, Disposable Catering Supplies and Food Packaging) Product ..

£47.77 £82.16

XYSQ Film Stretch Film Wrap Film Large Rolls of PE Industrial Cling Film Wrapping Film Food Cling Film Household Cling Film - B0885ZDDWFR

Long-lasting preservation: The happy cling film prevents air from entering through a tight seal and provides long-lasting preservation. It keeps the remaining food fresh and prevents odors from seeping out Clear food wraps: Keep an eye on food for future use. Food is easy to use and handle BPA-..

£79.63 £119.13

We Can Source It Ltd 3 Rolls of Wrapmaster 4500 18" Catering Cling film Refills 45cm x 300m 3-Pack + FREE DISPENSER - B07QGK83K6O

The Wrapmaster cling wrap easily covers, wraps, and seals your food’s freshness and is perfect for covering small and medium containers or bulky food items. This catering cling film dispenses tangle-free every time and is extensively used in bakery, deli, restaurant, or catering kitchen. This c..

£64.55 £114.50

LINFFSTR Multi-Function Kitchen Cling Film Foil Dispenser with Slide Cutter Adjustable Refillable Plastic Wrap Cutter for Plastic Tin Foil Paper Baking Paper Aluminum Foil - B09SZMJXLWJ

The multifunctional cling film cutter can be used for cutting plastic cling film, baking paper and tin foil, which is more convenient to use. The inside of the cling film cutter is provided with an adjustable card slot, which can be applied to cling film of different widths. There are 4 suction..

£21.33 £64.39

SWEAR Cling Film Suitable for 10-28cm Plates Plastic Wrap Cling Can Be Stretched to 40cm Can Be Reused After CleaningSize:100PCS - B09CH8J3CPE

Food Grade PE: Strong and practical, strong bearing capacity, not easy to break. Use Steps: open the mouth of the plastic wrap to align with the plate, put the plastic wrap on the plate, and cover it. Self-Sealing Seal Cling Wrap: Your Cling Wrap will adhere to multiple surfaces from glass to m..

£14.75 £65.10

Housoutil Food Wrap Reusable Cling Film Refillable Wrap Dispenser with Slide White - B09SKSL1CFL

The cut cling film is not deformed, the cut is flat and smooth, and does not affect the second use of the cling film. After each use, leave 2cm of wrap outside for the next use, no need to look for it again, which is very convenient. Pulls the cling film smoother and easier to use, Bring huge c..

£21.61 £73.95

Cling Film Cutter + 5 Roll of Cling Film Cling Film Roll 300mm X 360m Clear Shrink Wrap Shrink Plastic for Moving House Used for Fruit Preservation and Food Storage - B09FJGT61HU

1. Package includes: cling film cutter + 5 roll of cling film. 2. Cling film cutting box: suitable for PE cling film with a width of 20cm, 25cm, 30cm and a diameter of no more than 8cm. 3. Hot and cold application: suitable for heating in refrigerators or microwave ovens, the lowest temperature..

£71.02 £108.75

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