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Fearn Eco Cling Film 30Mtr Single - B08R4VP2SWZ

Fearn Eco Cling Film 30Mtr Single - B08R4VP2SWZ

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  • A WORLD FIRST: Fearn Eco Cling Film is the world’s first and only cling film made from 100 percent sugar cane containing no added petroleum-based compounds. Created using the waste from sugar production, we have a fully carbon positive production process which means that by buying Fearn Eco Cling film you are helping the planet

  • RAINFOREST FRIENDLY: De-forestation is a major issue and we are proud to say that our sugar cane farms are nowhere near the Rainforest. In fact, our nearest farm is over 2,000 km from the edge of the edge of the Rainforest. That’s the equivalent distance from our head office in Wiltshire all the way to Greece

  • FREEZEABLE AND MICROWAVEABLE: Cling Film alternatives like Bee’s Wax Wraps and Silicone Lids simply aren’t fit for purpose. They are both expensive and hard to use. Our cling film behaves exactly like traditional PVC and Non-PVC cling film without the harmful environmental impact. In fact, it is BPA free and food safe as well as being freezeable and microwaveable

  • STRONG, DURABLE AND WONDERFULLY CLING-Y: Our cling film is strong, durable and super-clingy meaning that you won’t be disappointed by its performance when switching from traditional cling films

  • MADE IN EUROPE: Unlike our competitors, we produce right here in Europe, minimising our environmental impact by not unnecessarily shipping raw materials to Asia and back to the UK

  • Fearn Eco friendy cling film is the world's first cling film, made from the leftover wastage that builds up after sugar sugar production. This waste is chopped and pressed to a pulp to create a sugar cane Alcoholic resin substance that is then turned into the final product.

    Fearn Eco Cling Film 30Mtr Single - B08R4VP2SWZ

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