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Reusable Food Wrap Baking Sheet Cling Film Alternative 100% Food Grade Silicone Cook Cover & Wrap! - B08WLWFXXLW

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  • Reusable, Eco-Friendly Alternative To Cling Film, Baking Paper & Aluminium Foil. Use to cook, cover and wrap food, as a bowl cover and a baking tray liner. Reusable over & over again. 100% food-safe, dishwasher safe, and more Earth-safe. Highly durable.

  • Non-Toxic, BPA-Free, Made From Food-Grade Silicone. Certified food-safe, the material is 100% recyclable, we offer a free recycling program. The material will not break down like plastic does into micro plastics, so is much less harmful to the environment and to those who use it.

  • Zero Waste Product. Reuse over and over again, then recycle when it's ready to be replaced. Ditch disposable wasteful products including cling film, foil and baking paper. This 3-in-1 product saves space in the draw, and saves you money as you only need 1 product and it will last you for longer. This also reduces your carbon footprint.

  • Versatile, Eco-Friendly Kitchen Product. Use Zero Wrap to cook, cover and wrap your food, and as a baking tray liner. Save time on dishwashing by lining baking trays - Zero Wrap is very easy to clean. Use Zero Wrap to cover bowls and plates, wrap half-eaten fruit and veg, wrap sandwiches, and to cover food in the oven. Simply wash it, hang it out to dry, and use time and time again.

  • Heat Resistant, Oven-Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Freezer Safe, Earth-Safe. Zero Wrap is an essential reusable product for those who want a more eco-friendly, zero waste kitchen.

  • Product description

    Zero Wrap is a reusable and more eco-friendly alternative to disposable cling film, baking paper and foil. Use Zero Wrap to cook, cover and wrap your food. The unique design offers a durable and versatile wrap which is suitable for a number of purposes including lining baking trays, covering leftovers, and wrapping food. Zero Wrap is oven-safe, microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. And it is the perfect addition to your zero waste kitchen! Features: Made from food-grade silicone - free from nasty BPA's found in plastic wrap. Reusable and highly durable, with a perfected unique thickness after many rounds of testing! 100% recyclable - Our Future Is Green offer a recycling program for this product. The Zero Wrap Starter Pack includes: 1 small wrap - 25x25cm 1 medium wrap - 30x30cm 1 large wrap - 30x45cm Durable storage box enables you to easily store your Zero Wrap. Oven and dishwasher safe, unlike beeswax and plastic alternatives. Minimises washing up required with baking greasy foods. Minimises food sticking to baking trays. Easy to clean.

    Legal Disclaimer

    Zero Wrap is delivered in a handy storage box, and the wraps are stuck to a plastic backing sheet which is a vital part of the manufacturing process. The backing sheet is 100% recyclable, and is made out of a Pet plastic material made from recycled plastic. When you're ready to use Zero Wrap for the first time, you simply peel them off the baking sheet and wash them in warm soapy water. When they're dry, they're ready to be used. After use, you can choose to either re-stick your Zero Wraps to the backing sheets and roll them back up. Please be careful handling Zero Wraps straight out of the oven as they are more prone to tearing.

    Reusable Food Wrap Baking Sheet Cling Film Alternative 100% Food Grade Silicone Cook Cover & Wrap! - B08WLWFXXLW

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