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Vax Genuine 6121 Maintenance Kit - B00A7PZB34T

Vax Genuine 6121 Maintenance Kit - B00A7PZB34T

  • Product Code: B00A7PZB34T
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  • A kit of 5x Paper Dust Bags and complete Filter set for use with your Vax Canister vacuum cleaner.

  • Genuine Vax Spares - Maximum quality and suitable for use under Warranty

  • Suitable for model series 6121

  • Hygenic, disposable Paper Dust Bags

  • All required filters included

  • Product Description

    Maximise the performance of your Vax 6121 Multi-Function cleaner with this Maintenance kit. The kit contains 5x Paper Dust Bags, 1x ‘Bondini’ Filter and 1x Exhaust Filter for your machine. Paper Dust Bags are disposal, and therefore hygienic, allowing for safe disposal of collected material from vacuuming. They are strong, lightweight, and specifically designed to fit your product for optimum performance. The Bondini Filter in your machine helps to collect lint and other solid material which can be collected during carpet washing, protecting your machine. The Exhaust Filter offers an additional layer of filtration for maximum performance. Replacing filters regularly in your Vacuum Cleaner helps to prolong its life and ensures strong suction performance is maintained. Check your User Guide for specific filter maintenance and replacement guidelines.

    Box Contains

    5 x Paper Dust Bags
    1 x Bondini Filter
    1 x Exhaust Filter

    Vax Genuine 6121 Maintenance Kit - B00A7PZB34T

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